With a manifested track record of building and deploying staggering successes for our clients, totaling over $1.5B in revenue, Customshopify.ai’s team is your reliable partner for getting vibrant and booming projects. Rely on us to get unparalleled expertise and innovation for your future projects.

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At Customshopify.ai, we help leverage the whole potential of Shopify to provide captivating user experiences and cutting-edge solutions for merchants globally.

With our headquarters in Silicon Valley and other locations across North America and Europe, we strive to push the boundaries of innovation. Our persistent dedication to staying ahead of the competitors ensures that our clients flourish in the ever-evolving and strongly competitive business domain.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In our core functions, we are dedicated to outstanding client requirements. Our relentless relaxation of customer satisfaction fuels our agony for building exceptional eCommerce experiences that push Shopify merchants to success.

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Result-Oriented Approach

Our profound belief is that power lies in simplicity. Our team is dedicated to building eCommerce solutions that seamlessly mix elegance with functionality. Our resolved commitment to deliver strong results underscores our mission to make unparalleled Shopify experiences.

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A Hub for Innovative Minds

At Customshopify.ai, we have an environment where exceptional design and a relentless drive for innovation converge. Our dynamic workspace attracts individuals who are committed to pushing boundaries and delivering results in the fast-paced eCommerce industry.

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Timely Delivery
100% Client Satisfaction
Top-edge Shopify services
Unbeatable Integrity
Unmatched Quality

Culture at Custom Shopify

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Our diverse team, brimming with fresh perspective and insight, allows us to bring bold ideas to life and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

The Multi Award Winning Management Team at Custom Shopify

Bhadresh Sutaria

Executive Director & CEO

Bhadresh Sutaria CEO

Darshan Pansuriya

Shopify Expert | Merchant Success Manager

Darshan Pansuriya  Merchant Success Manager

Yash Singhvi

Shopify Expert | Ecommerce Consultant

Yash Singhvi Ecommerce Consultant

Ketan sutaria

Executive Vice President

Ketan sutaria Shopify Developer

Mukesh Sutaria

Chief Operating Officer

Mukesh Sutaria Shopify Developer

Mahesh bhesaniya

Chief Technology Officer

Mahesh bhesaniya Shopify Developer

Dhruvi Nadoda

Software Engineer | Shopify Developer

Dhruvi Nadoda Shopify Developer

Payal Nakarani

Software Engineer | Shopify Developer

Payal Nakarani Shopify Developer

Ramchandra Choudhary

Software Engineer | Shopify Developer

Ramchandra Choudhary Shopify Developer

Jayesh Lunagariya

Software Engineer | Designer

Jayesh Lunagariya Designer

Mihir Bhesaniya

Software Engineer | Designer

Mihir Bhesaniya Designer

Gautam Bhesaniya

Software Engineer | Designer

Gautam Bhesaniya Designer
Why Work with customshopify.ai logo
Timely Delivery
100% Client Satisfaction
Top-edge Shopify services
Unbeatable Integrity
Unmatched Quality
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At Customshopify.ai, we do not just build stores, we build legacies

We didn’t just sell projects to our merchants but also created a reliable bond with them for future partnerships. We've developed a community of trust, a foundation strong enough to weather any storm. It's our habit of commitment that makes us a leader, and it's what keeps us hungry.

ur team is of commerce experts, a fearless bunch of people who shatter expectations and make the rules. They are starved of exceeding goals, and not just fulfilling them. It's this constant need for "wow" that sets us apart. We don't just develop stores, we craft experiences that leave a lasting impression.

So, if you're looking for a partner who's as fired up about your success as you are, look no further. We the Customshopify.ai’s team are here to help you build something remarkable.

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Trusted by the Worlds Most Innovative Brands

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Custom Shopify History

Customshopify.ai started expanding to fulfill the demand for cosmopolitan eCommerce solutions, which led us to $1M in revenue in our first merchant-provider relationship.


We foster creativity in our client’s projects. With proper collaboration with our team and clients, we achieved a record-breaking $10M in earnings for partners.


Rapid team expansion, even during the pandemic, made us earn an impeccable $100M in clients earnings


Our strategic pivot of serving Enterprise Shopify Clients has propelled our company towards new growth in the eCommerce domain.


Customshopify.ai made its appearance in 2015 with a small team of innovative and ambitious experts.


Customshopify.ai’s continuous evolution led us to the forefront of eCommerce entering the elite Shopify Plus era.


Our aspiring expansion from Silicon Valley to Europe and North America showcases our relentless dream and pursuit to achieve success.


Customshopify.ai started to refocus to prioritize Publicly Traded Companies and Enterprise Shopify Merchants.


Customshopify.ai is growing its team of experts to provide better support to the Enterprise Shopify Merchants along with Publicly Traded Organizations.

The Multi Award Winning Team at Custom Shopify

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Our Valued Partners

Over the past years, Customshopify.ai has bought up enduring partnerships with industry-leading giants. Our pride is in the close collaboration with these esteemed brands, crafting exceptional technical solutions tailored for Shopify merchants daily.

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