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After a whole decade of dedication, Customshopify.ai has made an excellent relationship with different industry giants. They collaborate every day to craft engaging technological solutions for merchants. Ultimately, it unlocks the power of eCommerce systems that push online stores towards greater success.

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customshopify.ai has supported Fahrudin image 1000+ Shopify Stores and helped merchants earn James image$1B+ Revenue to date. customshopify.ai has Angeli image 500+ Five Star Reviews and received 28 eCommerce Awards.

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“Bhadresh's web development service is exceptional. Bhadresh blends technical expertise with creative design, delivering a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing website that aligns perfectly with our brand. His skill in digital transformation, especially in mobile technology integration, is top-notch. He excels in customer service, making him a trusted partner in our digital journey. Highly recommended for anyone seeking innovative and reliable digital solutions.”

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Fahrudin Golos

Innovative Management Consultant

Gicc management consulting

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“Bhadresh and his team do amazing work, are very responsive and go the extra mile to make projects perfect. I would highly recommend!”

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James Savard

Retail E-Commerce Consultant

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“Bhadresh is truly amazing, he goes above and beyond alway. He is there when you need him most and also he is an expert in all things custom development. I recommend him very much for anything you need. He is my number 1 trusted resource. Thanks!”

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Angeli Angelos


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Our Valued Partners

“Bhadresh is truly amazing, he goes above and beyond alway. He is there when you need him most and also he is an expert in all things custom development. I recommend him very much for anything you need. He is my number 1 trusted resource. Thanks!”

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“We have worked with Customshopify.ai for the last few years, and we have been thrilled with their customer service and cutting-edge development. The team collaborates efficiently with us. Also, they provide quick responses to our inquiries that help to finish the tasks on time and achieve maximum productivity.”


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“Customshopify.ai’s workflow was professional and efficient. They have efficient experience and resources to develop and manage modern Shopify projects like ours. Satisfied with their work and efforts, I would connect with the team for future projects as well.”

The Multi Award Winning Management Team at Custom Shopify

Bhadresh Sutaria

Executive Director & CEO

Bhadresh Sutaria CEO

Darshan Pansuriya

Shopify Expert | Merchant Success Manager

Darshan Pansuriya  Merchant Success Manager

Yash Singhvi

Shopify Expert | Ecommerce Consultant

Yash Singhvi Ecommerce Consultant

Ketan sutaria

Executive Vice President

Ketan sutaria Shopify Developer

Mukesh Sutaria

Chief Operating Officer

Mukesh Sutaria Shopify Developer

Mahesh bhesaniya

Chief Technology Officer

Mahesh bhesaniya Shopify Developer

Dhruvi Nadoda

Software Engineer | Shopify Developer

Dhruvi Nadoda Shopify Developer

Payal Nakarani

Software Engineer | Shopify Developer

Payal Nakarani Shopify Developer

Ramchandra Choudhary

Software Engineer | Shopify Developer

Ramchandra Choudhary Shopify Developer

Jayesh Lunagariya

Software Engineer | Designer

Jayesh Lunagariya Designer

Mihir Bhesaniya

Software Engineer | Designer

Mihir Bhesaniya Designer

Gautam Bhesaniya

Software Engineer | Designer

Gautam Bhesaniya Designer
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Timely Delivery
100% Client Satisfaction
Top-edge Shopify services
Unbeatable Integrity
Unmatched Quality
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